Hệ thống thanh toán

Danh sách đầy đủ hệ thống thanh toán

2Checkout www.2checkout.com
365 Billing www.365billing.com
Amazon Payments payments.amazon.com
Assist* www.assist.ru/eng/
Atos www.atosworldline.com
AuthorizeNet.Aim www.authorize.net
Camtech XML (part of the SecurePay group) www.camtech.com.au
Cardia www.dibspayment.com
CardSave Hosted www.cardsave.net
ChronoPay www.chronopay.com
CM CIC www.cic.fr
CRE Secure www.cresecure.com
DataTrans www.datatrans.ch
DeltaPay www.deltapay.gr
DirectOne (part of the SecurePay group) www.directone.com.au
DIRECTebanking.com www.payment-network.com
DIBS www.dibspayment.com
DPS PX Access www.paymentexpress.com
DPS PX Post www.paymentexpress.com
e-gold www.e-gold.com
ECHO www.echo-inc.com
EcomMerchant www.totalwebsolutions.com
eMerchantPay www.emerchantpay.com
eNETS www.nets.com.sg
ePassporte www.epassporte.com
ePDQ (Barclaycard) www.barclaycardbusiness.co.uk
ESTpay www.est.com.tr
eWAY www.eway.com.au
eWAY XML www.eway.com.au
FirstData Connect www.firstdata.com
FRIbetaling www.fribetaling.dk 
Note: This payment system is not supported by Twigmo
Gate2Shop www.g2s.com
Google Checkout checkout.google.com
HSBC www.hsbc.co.uk
iDeal Basic (ING) www.ideal.nl
iDeal Buckaroo www.buckaroo.nl
Innovative Gateway www.innovativegateway.com
iTransact www.itransact.com
KupiVKredit* www.kupivkredit.ru
LinkPoint API www.linkpoint.com
LinkPoint Connect www.linkpoint.com
Merchant Warrior www.merchantwarrior.com
Moneybookers www.moneybookers.com
Nochex www.nochex.com
Ogone Direct www.ogone.be
Ogone Web www.ogone.be
Pay & Read www.payer.se
PayBox www.paybox.com
PayFlow Pro www.paypal.com
PayJunction www.payjunction.com
PayLeap www.payleap.com
Payment21 www.payment21.com
PayPal www.paypal.com
PayPal Pro www.paypal.com
PayPal Express www.paypal.com
PayPoint (MCPE) www.paypoint.net
PayPoint (SecPay) www.paypoint.net
PayPoint (SecPay XML) www.paypoint.net
Paysite Cash www.paysite-cash.com
PayTrace www.paytrace.com
PlatiDoma* www.platidoma.ru
PRI (Transaction Central) Form www.primerchants.com
PRI (Transaction Central) HTTPS Post www.primerchants.com
ProxyPay3 www.eurobank.gr
QIWI Wallet* www.qiwi.ru
QuickBooks Merchant Service www.quickbooksmerchantservice.com
RBK Money* www.rbkmoney.ru
Robokassa* www.robokassa.com
RocketGate www.rocketgate.com
SagePay Direct www.sagepay.com
SagePay Form www.sagepay.com
SCB www.scb.co.th
ServiRed www.servired.es
SP Plus www.spplus.net
Thaiepay www.thaiepay.com
Total Web Solutions Pay Page www.totalwebsolutions.com
Verus www.sagepayments.com
Virtual Merchant www.myvirtualmerchant.com
VseVKredit* www.vsevkredit.ru
WebMoney* www.webmoney.ru/eng/
WestPac www.westpac.com.au
WinBank www.winbank.gr
WorldPay www.worldpay.com
YourPay www.yourpay.com